August 23, 2011

Going Green

Recently, my days have been full of dance practices, and trying to enjoy freedom as I can until school starts once more :(. But today something new happened, we had an earthquake! I've only felt an earthquake once before, and I was half asleep when it happened, so this one was so scary, and loud! But it really was like a baby earthquake, and our whole house shook for like 10 seconds. I can't imagine living somewhere where you get them quite often, it was such a strange experience! Anyways, here's my outfit for today.

Top- Marshall's
Skirt- Thrifted
Belt- Target

August 9, 2011

Weekend Project: Bookcase

Last weekend I decided that an old yellow bookcase in my room needed to be revamped, so I got out a paintbrush and voila! Super cute and really easy to do!