April 26, 2011

Sweet Spring Break

I just got back from a wonderful spring break in North Carolina. The beach was great, but I got a bad sunburn! Here are some random pictures from the trip. This skirt was so perfect to bring to the beach because it could be thrown together with anything! Also, I love all the colorful houses!!!

April 17, 2011

DIY Project: Earring Organizer

I am totally in love with everything Paris, and I needed a place to put all of my stud earrings, so I combined the two to create an Eiffel Tower earring organizer.

Black card stock
Supports (I used straws but thin wooden sticks would work as well)
Safety pin
Crystal decorations

 1. Cut the shape of the Eiffel Tower out of black card stock. 
Also cut out a small rectangle and attach to the back with tape.

 2. Attach supports to the back of the paper with either tape or glue.

 3. Use a pencil to mark where the holes will go, then punch them out with a safety pin.

4. Decorate with small crystals

5. Attach the tower to a base (optional)
and put earrings on it!

Now you have a cute way to display earrings!

April 16, 2011

Black and Gold

This is what I am wearing today for a family event.

Cardigan- Nordstrom
Skirt- Target
Belt- Mom's
Shoes- Madden Girl

April 13, 2011

Delicate Lace

I didn't wear this to school, but I decided to take pictures of it anyways. When the weather gets nice again, I believe I will do a photo shoot with it...

Top- Mom's
Skirt- Banana Republic

April 11, 2011

Lacey Ruffles

A wonderful start to the week with temperatures in the 80s. Finally Spring is here!!!

Shirt- Marshall's
Jeans- Abercrombie
Sandals- Marshall's

April 8, 2011

Beaded Bolo

Wohoo it's Friday!!!! I'm excited for the weekend because I have a field hockey game and someone's party! Can't wait! The belt I wore today is actually my grandpa's bolo, which I decided to wear around my waist rather than my neck. I also wore my blue converse.

Cami- Aeropostale
Cardigan- Target
Jeans- Abercrombie
Belt- My Grandpa's
Ring- Grandma's
Shoes- Converse

April 7, 2011

Tree of Love!

It was decent weather again today, so I decided to wear one of my new skirts. I love dressing up t-shirts with skirts, so the outfit is cute and comfy. And because the weather was nice, I just had to jump and twirl around! :) 

Shirt- Aeropostale
Skirt- Banana Republic
Belt- Target
Shoes- Oxfords

April 3, 2011


Yesterday I had my first field hockey game! It was really fun even though we lost, and when I got home, I went shopping! I found some cute skirts and a cardigan. Here is one of the skirts I bought.

Skirt- Charlotte Russe